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please let me introduce myself:


Independent translator, localization, quality assurance, terminology, editor and proofreading expert, writer, and solopreneur.


Played various professional roles in my life, but always with one goal in mind: to satisfy the needs of my clients creating a significant current of goodwill within my teams, audience, and end-customers.

Rely on a successful understanding of stakeholders within the linguistic process with excellent written and communication skills in Mexico and other countries.


The context of my life for the past 22 years as a linguist has revolved around my passion for languages and to make them available to others through content with equivalent meaning in another language.


My strengths lie in multiculturalism through which I have cultivated various professional linguistic fields related to the technology and business sectors. With my clients I have forged a solid relationship through empathy, care, and respect. As a translator and localization specialist I am enthusiastic, flexible, creative and an adaptive learner.

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