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Project |01


Project |01 Aspen - Snowmass Website

English to Spanish transcreation of a resort marketing brochure used primarily to market to upper-class Mexicans that travel from Mexico City for sky trips.  A transcreation project like this unfolds as follows:  the client sends the English originals; I transcreate or adapt the Spanish version respecting the register and the voice and tone of the original copy.  After this, the adapted text is sent to the client, who reviews it and if there are any changes suggested, I update the text.  After this, the copy is sent back to the client for formatting.  After formatting the copies, I proofread the brochure for accuracy.

Project |02


Project |02 Apple to Apples Ad

English into Spanish transcreation of an ad for a manufacturer of valves for water systems.  Since these marketing copies cannot be translated like other documents, such as technical manuals, the English text had to be transcreated, i.e., adapted into Spanish, yet conveying the same message, voice and tone, and respecting the register of the original English copy.

Project |03


Project |03 Queenstown, New Zealand Website

English to Spanish translation of a tourism website targeted to visitors from Latin America and Spain.  The English texts were translated into International Spanish, i.e., this refers to a “neutral” Spanish that would use a pre-determined glossary to ensure that the project’s terminology can be understood in any Spanish-speaking county.  After translation, the texts were formatted by the client and then, proofread by me for accuracy.  After this, the website gets live.

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