​Armando Alcalde is a freelance translator specializing in technical engineering and business.

He translates from German/English>Spanish for large corporations, car manufacturers, online-payment companies (web content, marketing, user agreements) and for corporations of the industrial/mechanical engineering sector in Mexico and other countries.

  • English into Latin American Spanish – This would be a generic Spanish that is understandable by those Spanish-speaking people based in North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.
  • English into International Spanish – This refers to a “neutral” Spanish that would use a pre-determined glossary to ensure that the project’s terminology can be understood in any Spanish-speaking country. Due to the complexity of these projects, we normally provide further reference material to vendors involved.


Translation, copywriting, transcreation, proofreading




Freelance Translator
1998 - present




  • Business: Marketing, Web content, e-commerce, User agreements, Advertising, Human Resources

  • Technical/Engineering: Manufacture, Mechanical engineering, Oil and Gas, Cars/Trucks and Electronics




  • Technical/Engineering: Manufacture, Mechanical engineering, Automotive


I have specialized in the following fields: manufacturing of specialist machine tools, clamping technology and gripping systems, pump, maceration, spreading and biogas technology, and have completed jobs for a major provider of energy, industry and infrastructure solutions. 

I have also translated material for a major German car manufacturer in the technical/engineering fields.


Full-time Linguist at PayPal Mexico

​2010 - 2013


​I was the first employee hired to work for the PayPal Mexico City Business Unit when it opened its doors in the summer of 2010. As a Language Specialist, I was in charge of localization and reviewing projects for web content, marketing copies, user agreements, QA assurance and bug management  for websites (PayPal Mexico, US -Spanish and Spanish-speaking countries in LA), apps, marketing campaigns and social media content. I created both the PayPal Style Guide and the Terminology Database from scratch.




Spanish - Mother Tongue

German - Goethe Institut, Freiburg, DE

English - University of Cambridge

French - Alliance Française, Paris

Proz Certified Translator, English>Spanish

Proz Certified Translator, German>Spanish

Japanese Language Course, Nihongo Center, Kyoto, JP

Volunteer work

Translators Without Borders:


1960-1980   Basic/Secondary Education (German, English, French) – Swiss School, Mexico City

1984         Certificate German as a Foreign Language, Goethe Institut, Freiburg, DE


1985         French Language Diploma, Alliance Française, Paris, FR


1986         Bachelor’s Degree – Les Roches School of Hotel Management, Switzerland


1987         English Proficiency Certificate, Cambridge University, UK


1998         Administration and Finance - Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico


2007         Creative Writing - Instituto Cultural Helénico, Mexico


2012         Editorial Style in Spanish - Silvia Peña-Alfaro


2014         Legal Translation Workshop - Lic. Javier Becerra, Escuela Libre de Derecho, MX


2014         Taking the Culture Hurdle: A Plea for More Courage in Translating - Christiane Nord, ATA


2014         Fundamentos de corrección de estilo para profesionales del texto - Antonio Martín, ATA


2014         XBench: Terminology Mgmt. and Translation Quality Assurance - Riccardo Schiaffino, ATA


T: +52 (55) 5662 2365

C: +52 (55) 4140 8853  

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