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Armando Alcalde is a Freelance Translator and writer, specializing in technical engineering and business.

He translates from English and German into Spanish (regional variations for Mexico, Latin America and the USA) for large organizations, car manufacturers, e-commerce companies and for corporations of the industrial/mechanical engineering and IT sector in Mexico and other countries.


With a strong multicultural background and a clear command of the languages involved, Armando also works as an international Business Travel Liaison Interpreter accompanying his clients who do not master the spoken language to worldwide trade fairs, business meetings, cultural events, banking negotiations, formal meals and assisting as well with the translation of documentation in a direct, closer contact, always on a non-disclosure basis. Armando also advises the client on cultural matters such as respect of ideas and beliefs of the country´s cultural forms in general.


Translation, copywriting, transcreation, proofreading




Translator & Business Travel Liaison Interpreter
2001 - present
  • As a translator I have



·         Business: Marketing, Web content, e-commerce, User agreements, Advertising, Human Resources

·         Technical/Engineering: Manufacture, Mechanical engineering, Oil and Gas, Cars/Trucks and Electronics




·         Technical/Engineering: Manufacture, Mechanical engineering, Automotive


I have specialized in the following fields: manufacturing of specialist machine tools, clamping technology and gripping systems, pump, maceration, spreading and biogas technology, and have completed jobs for a major provider of energy, industry and infrastructure solutions. 

I have also translated material for a major German car manufacturer in the technical/engineering fields.


Spanish - Mother Tongue

German - Goethe Institut, Freiburg, DE

English - University of Cambridge

French - Alliance Française, Paris

Proz Certified Translator, English>Spanish

Proz Certified Translator, German>Spanish

Japanese Language Course, Nihongo Center, Kyoto, JP

Volunteer work

Translators Without Borders:


1960-1980   Basic/Secondary Education (German, English, French) – Swiss School, Mexico City

1984         Certificate German as a Foreign Language, Goethe Institut, Freiburg, DE


1985         French Language Diploma, Alliance Française, Paris, FR


1986         Bachelor’s Degree – Les Roches School of Hotel Management, Switzerland


1987         English Proficiency Certificate, Cambridge University, UK


1998         Administration and Finance - Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico


2007         Creative Writing - Instituto Cultural Helénico, Mexico


2012         Editorial Style in Spanish - Silvia Peña-Alfaro


2014         Legal Translation Workshop - Lic. Javier Becerra, Escuela Libre de Derecho, MX


2014         Taking the Culture Hurdle: A Plea for More Courage in Translating - Christiane Nord, ATA


2014         Fundamentos de corrección de estilo para profesionales del texto - Antonio Martín, ATA


2014         XBench: Terminology Mgmt. and Translation Quality Assurance - Riccardo Schiaffino, ATA

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