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Managed localization of product content experiences across Mexico, North and South America, and New Zealand. The external team of linguists under my direction as a Lead Moderator added new linguistic capabilities and freshness that improved the user experience of the diverse websites that we created. User experience, brand strategy, globalization, internationalization are key elements across the localization process which I managed to my clients´ satisfaction.


Translation and Consecutive Interpretation

Built a translation business from scratch as a solopreneur offering translation, transcreation, subtitling, consecutive interpretation for business trips, multicultural consulting and editing services, creating a current of goodwill among end clients, suppliers, and stakeholders by means of excellent written and communication skills.


Terminology Management

Developed a comprehensive database of terms in different fields to cater for the various linguistic needs of end clients improving the consistency and first-class delivery of technical, e-commerce, insurance, financial, educational, legal, oil and gas, automotive, hospitality, IT, mining, and household appliances related projects.


Editorial and QA

A good translation and localization expert should be a good writer.

Oversee and generate terminology, glossaries and style guide creation from scratch, and revamps to promote an efficient flow of critical information and content across all the translation and localization process. The quality of the end-product relies on a meticulous and essential editing and proofreading approach which I conduct throughout the linguistic course of action supporting quality, reuse, and voice and tone.



Through my linguistic knowledge of 7 languages and stays, training courses, experiences working abroad in Switzerland, Germany, France, the UK, Canada, USA and Japan, and leisure travels across the five continents, I have developed a polymathy and a multicultural ability that has been of great benefit to my clients when they get an end-product specifically targeted to meet their expectations and needs.


Leadership and people Management

Before embarking on my professional career as a translator and localization expert, and during my early years as a hospitality expert and Hotel Manager, I managed teams of up to 90-plus people including department managers, hotel staff and was able to attract, train and retain talented collaborators with minimal staff turnover rates.






  • Offer Localization, Translation, Editing, Proofreading, Transcreation and Terminology Management services.


  • With 20-plus years of working experience in the translation and localization sector I have translated content related to cars, trucks, manufacture, mechanical engineering, automotive, IT, oil & gas, marketing, web content, e-commerce, user agreements, advertising, insurance, tourism and hospitality, and human resources, partnering successfully with direct clients and LSP´s in Mexico and abroad, nurturing a solid collaboration and mutual goals for consistent experiences.

  • Basic/Secondary Education (German, English, French) Swiss School, Mexico City

  • Bachelor’s Degree ─ Les Roches School of Hotel Management, Switzerland

  • Diploma in Upper Management - Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico

  • Creative Writing Workshop ─ Instituto Cultural Helénico, Mexico City

  • Attended a Localization Training Program at the eBay/PayPal Headquarters in San Jose, California

  • Sight Translation and Sight Interpretation ─ Dr. Georgeanne Weller

  • Editorial Style in Spanish ─ Dr. Silvia Peña-Alfaro

  • Translation of financial statements and new accounting standards EN>ES>EN – Mr. Richard Cadena

  • Legal Translations’ Workshop ─ Lic. Javier Becerra, Escuela Libre de Derecho, MX

  • Adobe InDesign for Translators (in progress) – Aula SIC, Spain

  • Note-Taking Symbols and Techniques – Interpretrain

  • Audiovisual translation: subtitling (in progress) ─ Aula SIC, Spain

  • Audiovisual translation for dubbing (in progress) ─ Aula SIC, Spain


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